What mouthpiece size works with the Travel Sax?

You can use a Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Baritone mouthpiece. We have designed an adaptor so you can use any mouthpiece you prefer.

Can the mouthpiece control pitch or vibrato?

Not yet. Probably in future Travel Sax versions...

How many octaves can the Travel Sax play?

Right now three octaves. A Travel Sax has a normal saxophone range so from Bb3 to F#6.

Does it recognize alternate fingerings or altissimo fingerings?

Yes, in that we have programed some of the altissimo fingerings. We think that it's a pretty useful tool to have. It's great to be able to peacefully learn and practice this high register with your Travel Sax. Nevertheless, be aware that some of the usual fingerings used in this range are not programed because of the Travel Sax key’s restricitons (the TF key for example is united to the "P" key).

How do I control the volume while blowing?

Travel Sax has a pressure sensor that detects the blowing intensity and instantly determines the correct volume level.

If I blow through a regular mouthpiece how can it not produce intrusive sound from the reed?

It's due to the air flow. The internal circuit that guides the air though the Travel Sax is much smaller compared to a standard saxophone preventing the reed vibrating and producing sound.

Does it come with any voices? Which saxophones or other instrument voices come with it?

Right now we have Alto, Tenor and Soprano saxophone tones in our App. We are working on other saxophone sounds too. The cool thing is that if you want the sound of other instruments you can use other apps such as Garage Band, Ableton Live and many more.

Is this a MIDI interface?

Yes, indeed!

What is the latency?

Really low (8-10ms) if you use Bluetooth connection, and 0ms if you use USB connection to your computer.

What sounds can I play or are compatible with this instrument?

It is a MIDI instrument, so all MIDI libraries work.

Can I professionally perform with the Travel Sax as I would with a standard saxophone or wind controller? If not, what are its limitations?

The idea is to launch Travel Sax as a tool for practicing, but our goal is to get to the PRO-Level. Ideally you should be able to perform live without any problems. We are working really hard to get to that point so that we can say 100% confident, yes. We are improving right now the sensors so professional players can feel that a the travel Sax is also a performance tool.

What do I have to do if the Travel Sax app doesn't sound as expected when I play my Travel Sax?

Please open the Travel Sax app and tap the "Effects" button. Then modify the Buffer Size to Low, Mid or High until you get a good quality sound.


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