Travel Sax

The smallest & lightest electronic sax!


Travel Sax

Travel Sax is the smallest and lightest 3D printed electronic saxophone in the world!

This small MIDI controller can work with your smartphone and with your PC.

It uses a standard saxophone mouthpiece and the position of the keys to mimic a conventional saxophone as well as the pressure from your breath to determine volume.

From now on you will be able to practice anytime anywhere without disturbing others, enabling you to improve your saxophone skills much faster.

Travel Sax app

With the Travel Sax you will have free access to our Travel Sax app (compatible with iOS and Android).

The app will allow you to play different high quality saxophone sounds with the Travel Sax.

You will also have access to step by step video tutorials and many other cool features.

Use any standard saxophone mouthpiece with your Travel Sax. Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Baritone - all saxophone mouthpieces work.

Standard saxophone


Battery life

Play up to 10 hours non stop thanks to powerful rechargable lithium battery.

Small & Light

Travel Sax weights just 300gr and measures 22cm (like a small water bottle) becoming the ideal tool to practice anywhere you go.

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